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a healthy snack that diversifies the diet
Made in Europe Natural ingredients

Product description

A supplementary food mix – fruit sticks for budgies. They’re a natural, healthy snack, and they diversify the diet. The sticks contain such seeds as yellow millet, red millet, canary grass seeds, meadow grass seeds, linseed, oats, as well as saffron and dried fruit. Made only from natural ingredients – without enhancers or preservatives – they guarantee your pet’s health. The sticks contain vitamins and minerals that occur in the natural environment. Cereals provide birds with many essential nutrients, regulate their metabolism, and facilitate digestion. Linseed has a beneficial effect on plumage. The addition of safflower helps to keep the heart and the circulatory system in perfect health. The addition of saffron improves the animals’ mood, stimulates digestion, and boosts the appetite of any parrots that are picky. The millet-and-oat mix is a rich source of B vitamins and very valuable minerals such as: soluble silica, magnesium, iron, iodine, and unsaturated fatty acids. Rowanberry contains large amounts of vitamins A and C, has diuretic properties and an anti-inflammatory effect on the mucous membranes of the intestines and stomach, soothes liver irritations, strengthens and improves immunity.

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