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COMFY – we’re a brand that’s been on the market since 2011 and belongs to AQUAEL, a company leading in the field of aquaristics.

Our offer includes products for dogs and cats, as well as birds, rodents, and rabbits. Most of the products are created ‘from scratch’ at our factory in Suwałki, maintaining European standards. Thanks to this, we’re able to provide products which are in accordance with the current veterinary and behaviourist knowledge, and which perfectly fit in with the world trends. This is undoubtedly our advantage which – together with our attention to the quality of materials used in production, and our ever-growing knowledge in the field of pet keeping – gives COMFY a competitive edge.

We offer a range of products to meet all the needs of animals: beds, travel carriers, toys, brushes, leashes, harnesses, collars, cat and rodent litters, cages, litter boxes, and much more. We do our best to provide your pets of all ages with everything they need to live. We take care of every aspect of the animal’s life: comfortable rest, hygiene, travel comfort, safety outside the house, and all kinds of fun – both at home and on walks.

COMFY products combine comfort of use with practical and trendy solutions. The brand spans over 900 products where, apart from standard items, we also introduce limited editions.

Our latest product line consists of unique scented dog toys with the DENTAL function (i.e. cleaning the dog’s teeth and mouth), the durable STRONG DOG toys (dedicated to dogs with an exceptionally strong bite force), the edible PLUG SNACK inserts (designed for the PLUG SNACK toys that can be filled with treats), and a wide range of the natural COMFY APPETIT snacks (combinations of flavours that dogs like the most).

We make sure that the novelties launched on the market meet the current needs of our customers to the fullest extent possible. We are passionate about what we do and are surrounded by animal lovers and breeders every day. All the products are tested by our pets. Their approval and happiness give us the green light to start production and then sales. By choosing COMFY, you give your animal comfort, safety, and lots of fun.

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AQUAEL, the company that owns the COMFY brand, has two production plants: one in Suwałki, and one in Warsaw. The larger of the two (Suwałki) has an area of over 16 thousand square metres and is the largest production plant in the whole region. It’s in Suwałki that the vast majority of our products for dogs, cats, birds, and small mammals are made.


We are the exclusive distributor of the Trainer, Cunipic, Era, Primordial, Ziwi Peak, Dogman, and Kong brands in Poland


products in COMFY’s standard offer today. Every year, it launches new products and limited series on the market


years of COMFY being on the market


people employed by AQUAEL. The company has its own teams of designers who specialize in creating new products, as well as one of the most modern toolrooms in the industry

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