Made the decision to have a little rodent move in with you? Now you need to find a safe place for it to sleep, eat, and play. The choice is huge, so what should you pay attention to?

Certainly, first you need to decide on a specific animal: a rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, hamster, chinchilla, mouse. Once you’ve chosen your pet, the next step is choosing a cage. Due to their size, a mouse or a Djungarian hamster will feel good in small cages, but this is not the rule. The more space to play, the happier your animal. Ideal cages for the smallest rodents are plastic or metal cages with narrow gaps between the wires. This ensures that your tiny pet won’t run away the next chance it gets. You must also keep in mind that rodents are very active animals, so just a bowl in the cage and nothing more isn’t the best idea. A rodent should have a quiet place to sleep and a place to play. Usually, cages come with a running wheel that provides perfect entertainment for your pet. For larger rodents such as the Syrian hamster or the rat, much larger cages are recommended. The gaps between the wires don’t have to be as small as for mouse cages. A house inside the cage, several levels, and tunnels will be great for keeping larger rodents busy. An excellent idea is to give your rodent a cage with a glass tray. This lets you watch your pet at all times. The relatively large height of the glass tray allows to put a large amount of bedding into the cage, thus satisfying the animal’s natural instinct to bury itself. The included ladders will give the rodents an opportunity to exercise. Apart from said ladders, a complete set also includes a feeder, a water dispenser, and cotton bedding in a tube. For rabbits and guinea pigs, large cages are ideal. The gaps between the wires of the cage don’t have to be narrow. A cage for this type of rodents is usually a place to sleep and eat in peace, as well as to ‘go to the toilet’. Guinea pigs and rabbits spend the remaining time outside the cage playing with their owners. Chinchillas and ferrets need large cages too, but ones that are higher than those for rabbits. The more space to jump and climb the wires, the better.

Banny Smart Eco cage for medium-sized rodents and dwarf rabbits VETRO PLUS NATURE two levels, glass tray ASTRO NATURE equipped with wooden accessories ASTRO 2 superbly equipped ASTRO available in 2 variants PETER PAN unusual design AMBER a handy carrier for rodents

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