Putting together a ‘welcome set’ for your rodent isn’t limited to buying a cage. This cage needs to be equipped.

First, the house! Rodents, just like people, need to feel safe, so it’s important that they have a place where they can hide. Various tunnels, which are the equivalent of burrows in the natural environment, will be ideal for equipping the cage. Of course, you can’t do without a food bowl and a water dispenser. It’s worth equipping the cage with toys made of natural materials that help satisfy the need to bite and wear down the teeth. The most popular toy for rodents is the running wheel. Thanks to regular runs in the wheel, your pet fulfils its need to move, so it’s very important that the toy be safe. In order to take care of the pet’s hygiene, and to address its natural need for digging, it’s important to buy wood shaving bedding and hay.

COTTON BEDDING bedding made from pressed cotton seeds FLAKES BEDDING bedding made from cardboard, cellulose and cotton COLOR BEDDING bedding made from cellulose, viscose and cotton CORNELIUS PETIT SILVER universal bedding with silver ions CORNELIUS PETIT WILD STRAWBERRY wild strawberry scented corn cob bedding CORNELIUS PETIT NATURAL universal corn cob bedding material COTTON SUBSTRATE TUBE ecological substrate in a tube DRINKING BOTTLE constant access to clean, fresh water WOOD SHAVINGS natural bedding for rodents CORNER HOUSE a corner house made of wood HOUSE WITH A SLOPPNG ROOF a wooden house with a pitched roof HOUSE WITH FLAT ROOF a wooden house assembled by the owner CORNER HOUSE a wooden house assembled by the owner HAY hay for rabbits and rodents

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