Should you buy toys for your pets? Definitely! What’s more, no things to play with can have a negative effect on your animal’s health.

Dogs have an innate need to sniff, bite, and hunt. They treat toys like living prey that they have to catch. After a successful hunt, dogs bite and chew on the ‘caught’ toy. This natural instinct helps them strengthen their jaw muscles. After they are done chewing, you may also expect the caught toy to be given to you. This is how the dog shows its attachment and willingness to share its prey with its companions. Dogs do not grow out of toys – they just change their preference for the types or shapes of the toys they like. A well-chosen toy will give your dog satisfaction as well as a great way to let off steam and to develop. Puppies have different needs and preferences from those of adult dogs. Puppies need toys that will massage their gums as their teeth grow. The chewing and biting is a way to relieve pain. If you don’t provide a young dog with chew toys, it’ll probably find something else, like shoes or furniture. When choosing a toy for an older dog, it’s worth looking for one that won’t require much physical activity. It’s also important to match the toy to the dog’s size and temperament. Moreover, remember that toys for pets should be frequently changed so that they don’t quickly get bored with them. When choosing toys, remember that the most important thing is the interaction between the owner and the pet.

Woody Eco flexible toys with recycled wood Strong Dog Wood Eco super-durable toys with recycled wood Meaty Mix Eco 100% recycled flexible toys Olive Eco The raw material is 100% recycled. DENTAL BONE PASTEL a scented bone with spikes SUPER FLY DISC lightweight and durable dog toy ROBBI plastic elements joined by cord SNACKY toys filled with treats DENTAL TWISTER fun plus dental care DENTAL RING colorful ring with a mint scent MINT DENTAL TOOTHER cord and beads combined MINT DENTAL BONE a minty bone with spikes DENTAL STICK SCREECHING a screeching stick with spikes LICORICE DENTAL BONE smells like liquorice BARBECUE DENTAL BONE smells like barbecue STRONG DOG for dogs with strong jaws

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