When putting together a ‘welcome set’ for your furry friend, one of the most important things is the choice of the bed. The extremely wide range of beds can make any dog or cat owner quite dizzy. What to pay attention to when choosing a sleeping place for your pet?

On average, dogs and cats sleep for up to 16 hours a day, so a bed for your four-legged friend is not merely a comfortable and cosy place to sleep. It’s also the most private and safest place in the house. It should be durable and easy to maintain too.

Firstly – the size!

Very important at least when it comes to choosing the bed. Not only should the animal be able to fit in the bed completely, but it should also have freedom of movement there. The best way to choose a bed is to measure your pet from the head to the base of the tail. Add 30 cm to this measurement and you have the width of the bed. This method applies to dogs and cats of all ages.

Secondly – execution of the bed.

An important issue is the material that the bed for your pet is made of. The bed should be resistant to damage, easy to wash and clean, and – most importantly – safe. When you’re putting together a ‘welcome set’ for a puppy or kitten, you should avoid beds made of materials that are easy to bite off and swallow, such as wicker. Another very important aspect of the bed is its filling – it shouldn’t be prone to becoming deformed or compacted, and it must provide adequate support for your furry friend’s body.

Thirdly – type of the bed.

The shape matters too! Beds for your furry friend are available in many variants, from classic rectangles to more fancy forms. Simple-shaped beds work well for both small and large dogs. The cushion or blanket can be quickly washed or cleaned. Kennel-shaped beds are used for cats and dogs of smaller breeds. The animals feel safe and cosy inside. When choosing the type of bed, the most important things are your friend’s comfort and safety. It helps to observe the individual preferences of your pet.

To sum up, choosing the right bed for your animal will provide it with a comfortable and attractive place to rest all year round, and, most importantly, will give other family members more room on the sofa. Being able to choose from beds in a wide range of styles, colours, and sizes, you’ll surely find an option that will suit your furry friend’s individual sleeping style and, above all, make it grateful.

MELANGE soft blankets MILORD elegant bed with double-sided cushion ORTO MILORD comfortable orthopaedic bed ANT MAT comfortable, plush mats LOLA TRIO a multifunctional dog and cat kennel LOLA a soft bed with a bow EMMA PLUSH a plush cushion that’s exceptionally comfortable EMMA SOFIA soft beds in rectangular shape ARNOLD PONTON a comfortable bed with thick filling

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