Scratchers, hygiene and grooming

Cats are active animals, so a scratcher is one of the most important elements of the ‘welcome set’. Why?

Cats have an innate need to scratch. When scratching, they mark the territory to prevent the entry of uninvited individuals. In addition, a scratcher helps to wear down their claws. With this type of toy, the pet gets to have fun safely and without risking being punished for damaging something. The most common scratchers are single scratching posts wrapped in a special cord, with a toy hung on a string. More complex scratchers (or “cat trees”) have one or more floors, sometimes a bed and a small shelter. Due to their size, they are suitable for large rooms. Another type of scratchers are horizontal scratchers in various shapes. The most common ones are wavy scratchers made of very durable cardboard. Their advantage is that they don’t take up much space. Equally space-saving are scratchers designed for being hung on doors or walls, ideal for cats that live with their owners in small flats. The range of cat accessories includes not only standard scratchers but also designer furniture. These have the same function as standard scratchers, but look completely different from classic cat toys and often also serve as hiding and resting places. Choosing the right scratcher is up to the cat owner because even a low-budget scratcher will do its job, while the rest of the additions are just extra attractions for the pet.

When deciding to keep an animal, you must realize that your care isn’t limited to giving it food and petting it. A cat, dog, guinea pig, or other furry friend must be cared for. Your tasks will include regularly brushing the coat/fur. What does regular brushing do? First of all, it gives you a chance to check your pet for parasites such as fleas and ticks. Depending on what coat/fur your pet has, you can find the right tools for grooming it – from combs and brushes, to rubber gloves. Apart from regular combing, it’s important to keep your pet clean (care products will help you with this). Based on the age and size of your pet, as well as the coat/fur it has, you can choose an appropriate preparation that will not only keep your friend clean, but will also keep its coat/fur properly moisturized and vitaminized.

For more experienced pet owners, we also recommend getting claw clippers. Cats and dogs that rarely get a chance to go outside to naturally wear down their claws may have problems with excessively long claws. This is uncomfortable for them and can be unpleasant for you and the rest of the household members too, when you want to play with your pet and get accidentally scratched.

An extremely important aspect of having a cat, ferret, or other animal is, undoubtedly, the issue of the daily ‘toilet’. Most people who share their home with a furry friend must take care of this.

What should you keep in mind? You can choose from many litter boxes based on the size of your cat or other animal, its habits, preferences, as well as your aesthetic sense. Sometimes, this is quite a challenge. Thanks to the advice below, you’ll surely make the right choice.

An open litter box is the simplest and cheapest toilet for a cat. Due to the absence of a cover, this type of litter box is easy to clean and replenish with litter. It’s ideal for kittens that are just learning to use the toilet, as well as for adult cats that may have difficulty moving around because of their age. An open litter box also has its disadvantages such as, first and foremost, the frequency of having to clean it and the area around it if your cat is messy. You’ll often find litter boxes that have additional rims designed to limit litter falling out of the box. The detachable rim makes the litter box easy to clean and replenish. Open ‘toilets’ come in a variety of shapes: rectangular, round, triangular.

Another type of litter boxes are the covered litter boxes. They usually consist of two parts: a tray, and a hood with a door. The biggest advantage of these is the fact that the litter and the waste remain inside the box. Charcoal filters installed in these litter boxes remove unpleasant odours. Shyer cats can have more comfort and privacy inside. Of course, such litter boxes have disadvantages too. Some cats don’t like small spaces and may avoid such a litter box. If the litter box is not cleaned often enough, the smells that accumulate inside may effectively discourage the cat from using it. The greatest disadvantage of such litter boxes is their size – they take up more space than open litter boxes.

Now that we’ve discussed the boxes, it’s time to talk about the litters. On the market, there are many types of litters. It’s often the case that you’ll have to experiment a little before you find the right litter for your furry friend. Bentonite litters are among the most popular ones. They quickly absorb water, making cleaning easier. The only disadvantage of this kind of litter is that it emits dust. If the cat or any of the household members tend to sneeze, cough, or suffer from conditions such as asthma, it’s best to avoid this type of litter. If you run an organic farm, then litter made of plant-based materials, such as corn, will be a good choice. The main advantage of this type of litter is that even if accidentally swallowed, it’s safe for your pet. Silica litters absorb moisture very well, which makes the litter box easier to clean. They are a good solution for small flats because they effectively absorb odours. Silica litter is not suitable for flushing down the toilet. Yet another type of litter is wood litter. Just like corn litter, wood litters can be flushed down the toilet. What’s more, they do not emit dust, are efficient, absorb odours, and form clumps. Unlike wood litters that have the consistency of wood shavings, the Pinokio litter doesn’t stick to the pet’s paws and, therefore, doesn’t get spread around the flat.

Half Moon Eco  robust and practical scratching TUBE ECO elegant cat scratchers Easy Cat Eco  covered cat toilet with a door CORNELIUS HERBAL herbal scented clumping corn litter CORNELIUS NATURAL clumping corn litter PINOKIO WOOD PELLET universal pellet-shaped wood litter PINOKIO CLUMPING PELLETS universal clumping pellet wood litter PINOKIO CLUMPING FINE GRAIN LITTER clumping litter in the form of fine grain PINOKIO CAMOMILE universal wood litter with camomile aroma PINOKIO SILVER GUARD universal wood litter with silver ions NATURAL CAT SHAMPOO for cats of all breeds CLEO CORNER a corner litter box with a rim CLEO MEDIUM with a detachable rim CLEO MINI mini litter boxes for kittens CLEO FRAME the universal litter box rim CLEO CLASSIC LINE a wide array of pastel colours CLEO EASY an open litter box with a raised back BENTA bentonite clumping litter EASY CAT a practical, covered litter box for cats

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