CLEO CORNER a corner litter box with a rim CLEO MEDIUM with a detachable rim CLEO MINI mini litter boxes for kittens CLEO EASY an open litter box with a raised back AVA a classic scratcher with a ball MIA 2-in-1 scratcher CARRIE a trendy, modern, and lightweight cardboard scratc CERAMIC SPACE space themed SMART CLEAN convenience and cleanliness SPACE BOWL DECOLINE bowls with an elegant decal SPACE BOWL a collection of bowls in pastel colours HANDS comfortable, lightweight, and handy WINDOW BAG a lightweight, foldable carrier SPORT a sports carrier CITY LINEN a bed in modern style TIMBER LINEN soft beds with a removable cushion MATTI BONE comfortable, plush mats PATI PLUSH a ‘sofa’ padded with plush BETTY a chic ‘sofa’ made of elegant fabric BILLY DOG a soft bed in vivid colours EMMA PLUSH a plush cushion that’s exceptionally pleasant to t EMMA SOFIA beds extremely easy to keep clean EMMA MELANGE beds resistant to hairs sticking in EMMA REST puffy, lightweight beds with a double-sided cushio TEDDY round, plush beds with a removable mattress ARNOLD TEDDY SOFA incredibly soft ‘sofas’ with a thick layer of fill ARNOLD SOFA MELANGE large, comfortable, waterproof beds WOODY wooden brushes for dogs and cats SILLIC double-sided brushes made of flexible silicone GLOVIE a double-sided glove for coat/fur grooming TUNNEL a colourful tunnel with a ball WOBBLIX colourful wobbly toys CATCH ME a wind-up toy that encourages play WILMA a wide range of teaser wands ARNOLD PILLOW a comfortable cushion bed with thick filling ARNOLD PONTON MELANGE a comfortable bed with thick filling

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