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Every responsible owner of a furball knows how important proper nutrition is. What matters is not only good quality food that suits your animal’s individual nutritional needs, but also the right way of serving that food. The most important things you should keep in mind when choosing the right bowl are: the size of the animal, the shape of its snout/face, the length of its ears, and its temperament. There are several basic factors you should consider when looking for a bowl suitable for your four-legged friend.

Material. There are plastic bowls, ceramic bowls, and stainless steel bowls. Each type has its pros and cons.

Plastic bowls are undoubtedly the cheapest, come in various shapes and colours, and don’t crack easily. These bowls are easy to clean, but also easy to scratch, which can result in accumulation of dirt and bacteria. What is more, plastic bowls are lightweight and dogs usually move them around the floor while eating. If you have an energetic dog in the house, a plastic bowl may become another toy that it will destroy. Also, it may happen that your pet is allergic to the plastic that the bowl is made of.

Ceramic bowls have various colours, are heavier than plastic bowls, and their smooth surface allows easy cleaning. They are not allergenic, so this is the best choice for allergic animals. They may also serve as an interesting element of home décor. Ceramic bowls are the most expensive and the easiest to break. Microbes can accumulate in every crack, so you should immediately throw away a damaged bowl. Ceramic bowls are the best choice especially for small and energetic dogs.

Stainless steel bowls are by far the most durable, unbreakable, and resistant to biting. Also, they are easy to clean and disinfect. Metal bowls are available in rubber-bottomed versions to prevent slipping, or in various bases/frames. It’s more difficult to find them in the colour or style you are looking for. Some people don’t like metal bowls for the noise they make when pouring water or serving a meal.

If you’ve already decided on the material, now you need to choose the other parameters of the bowl so that they ​​meet your animal’s needs.

Size. If the bowl is too small, it won’t be able to hold the recommended portion of food or water, which can lead to malnutrition or dehydration of your pet. On the other hand, a bowl that is too big can make it harder for the animal to eat, or may encourage it to put its paws in. Before choosing the size of the bowl, it is best to check the feeding guidelines and daily servings recommended depending on the weight and age of your four-legged friend.

Shape. You must also consider the shape of the bowl. This is especially true for dogs and cats with a flat snout/face, or dogs with long floppy ears. In the case of the former, bowls should be wide but shallow, making it easier for them to eat. As for breeds with long ears, it’s best to choose a cone-shaped bowl for your dog (deep and narrow), so that your pet’s ears don’t fall into it while eating or drinking.

Once you have a bowl, it’s good to reward your pet’s patience during the process of getting the ‘welcome set’ together, and select the right treats. Snacks provide physical and mental stimulation of your pet, which makes it happy. Treats should serve as a reward for a job well done, and be used to diversify your furry friend’s diet. The market offers many delicacies, but it’s good to choose those that are natural – without the addition of any artificial colourants or preservatives. Plug&Play Snacks are an excellent idea. They let your pet have great fun combined with a delicious treat.

Every pet has its own preferences, so you should first experiment a little with the snacks. Remember that the size and type of the snack depend on the age and size of your four-legged friend. It would be a bad idea to give an elderly animal a hard chew toy. An elderly dog or cat may not be able to cope with it, and it may hurt itself.

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