Every bird owner should provide a safe and adequate living space for his or her pet. The bigger the bird, the bigger the cage should be.

Keeping an animal in a cage that’s too small may lead to undesirable behaviour such as loud calling, biting, mental disorders and feather-plucking. A good cage should be large enough to allow the bird to walk as well as open and flap its wings freely. Remember that adding perches, food bowls, and toys to the cage reduces the space available to move around. An important thing to keep in mind when choosing the right cage is the spacing between its wires. Smaller birds require cages with narrower gaps between the wires so that they don’t squeeze through and get stuck. Cages for larger birds should be made of horizontal wires to allow them to climb and exercise. The primary function of a birdcage is protection. Make sure that the cage is safe and solidly built. Any sharp wire tips or edges can injure your pet.

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