JAKE COTTON cotton dog accessories COMFY APPETIT MEAT SNACK natural, nutritious treats ORTO MILORD comfortable orthopaedic bed BOBBY II dog poop bag dispenser COMFY APPETIT MEAT FANCY high-protein and low-calorie treats NATURAL REVITAL SHAMPOO regenerating and nourishing; for all dog breeds NATURAL PUPPY SHAMPOO mild shampoo for puppies NATURAL DARK SHAMPOO enhances natural dark coat colour NATURAL WHITE SHAMPOO highlights the light colour of the coat NATURAL LONG HAIR SHAMPOO for long-haired dogs; facilitates brushing SUPER FLY DISC lightweight and durable dog toy PADDIE ULTRA potty training made easy STAVE toys made of rope, with balls and knots KANAT durable rope with knots SHANTY durable toys made of rope ELKA toys shaped like bones, ribs, and shins VITO a vinyl toy with strong cord FLUFFY a soft, colourful duck FRUTI soft fruits with squeakers PIGGY, JOE cute pigs that squeal when pressed FARM BALL squeaky balls – farm animals ZOOKY a toy dumbbell with a squeaker SMILE smiley balls with a squeaker NOSSY funny squeaky animals FLATTY big toys (wild animals) VELVET toy sea creatures SLIMMY plush animals with squeakers FATTY thick plush toys with squeakers ROBBI plastic elements joined by cord DENTAL STICK SCREECHING a screeching stick with spikes LICORICE DENTAL BONE smells like liquorice BARBECUE DENTAL BONE smells like barbecue STRONG DOG for dogs with strong jaws CREATE&PLAY innovative toys made with your own hands PURE NATURAL SNACKS dried animal parts PRESSED AND FILLED NATURAL SNACKS pressed treats with filling MEAT BLISS PLUS natural meat strips with fruit and vegetables CERAMIC SPACE space themed SMART CLEAN convenience and cleanliness SPACE BOWL DECOLINE bowls with an elegant decal SPACE BOWL a collection of bowls in pastel colours URBAN DUO double-sided dog coats ROY reflective, in five colours JAKE DUO double-sided straps in 5 energetic colours DAILY convenient for everyday outings HANDS comfortable, lightweight, and handy WINDOW BAG a lightweight, foldable carrier SPORT a sports carrier CITY LINEN a bed in modern style TIMBER LINEN soft beds with a removable cushion MATTI BONE comfortable, plush mats IGY MAX a foldable dog and cat kennel MAT SOFTY a plush mat MAT SKAI a mattress made of environmentally-friendly artifi PATI PLUSH a ‘sofa’ padded with plush BETTY a chic ‘sofa’ made of elegant fabric BILLY DOG a soft bed in vivid colours EMMA PLUSH a plush cushion that’s exceptionally pleasant to t EMMA SOFIA beds extremely easy to keep clean EMMA MELANGE beds resistant to hairs sticking in EMMA REST puffy, lightweight beds with a double-sided cushio TEDDY round, plush beds with a removable mattress ARNOLD TEDDY SOFA incredibly soft ‘sofas’ with a thick layer of fill ARNOLD SOFA MELANGE large, comfortable, waterproof beds WOODY wooden brushes for dogs and cats SILLIC double-sided brushes made of flexible silicone GLOVIE a double-sided glove for coat/fur grooming ARNOLD PILLOW a comfortable cushion bed with thick filling ARNOLD PONTON MELANGE a comfortable bed with thick filling

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