Cats must play – just like dogs. Cat toys satisfy their natural instincts and encourage them to exercise.

Playing is extremely important for a cat’s mental and physical health, especially if it doesn’t leave the house. Although cats can sleep for up to 16 hours a day, they need stimulation when they’re awake, and the best way to achieve this is through play. Toys for kitties should imitate the animals they hunt in the natural environment. Toys should be made of natural materials such as wool, feathers, or of synthetic fur. The choice of the toy depends on the cat’s activeness. If your cat likes to feel a prickle of excitement, loves chases, and hunts like a cheetah, then the ideal toy for it will be a teaser wand. Cats that have the nature of a puma, love to jump, climb, and watch everything from above, should have an attractive scratcher at their disposal. Slightly lazier cats will enjoy toys stimulating them to be played with, such as vibrating toys, toys with bells, balls, artificial mice, or rustling tunnels allowing the cats to play and watch the world from a safe place.

TUNNEL a colourful tunnel with a ball LUCAS a laser toy CAT NIPPY a toy filled with catnip WOBBLIX colourful wobbly toys CATCH ME a wind-up toy that encourages play BOWLY MOLLY various colourful, lightweight toys for cats GELLY CENTIPEDE a cute centipede with a slightly stretchy body MINI colourful toy mice WOW a hairy creature SHAKE a vibrating toy for cats GAIA toys made of environmentally friendly materials WILMA a wide range of teaser wands

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