CORNELIUS HERBAL herbal scented clumping corn litter CORNELIUS NATURAL clumping corn litter PINOKIO CLUMPING PELLETS universal clumping pellet wood litter PINOKIO CLUMPING FINE GRAIN LITTER clumping litter in the form of fine grain PINOKIO CAMOMILE universal wood litter with camomile aroma CLEO CORNER a corner litter box with a rim CLEO MEDIUM with a detachable rim CLEO MINI mini litter boxes for kittens CLEO EASY an open litter box with a raised back AVA a classic scratcher with a ball MIA 2-in-1 scratcher CARRIE a trendy, modern, and lightweight cardboard scratc CERAMIC SPACE space themed SMART CLEAN convenience and cleanliness SPACE BOWL DECOLINE bowls with an elegant decal SPACE BOWL a collection of bowls in pastel colours HANDS comfortable, lightweight, and handy WINDOW BAG a lightweight, foldable carrier SPORT a sports carrier CITY LINEN a bed in modern style TIMBER LINEN soft beds with a removable cushion MATTI BONE comfortable, plush mats PATI PLUSH a ‘sofa’ padded with plush BETTY a chic ‘sofa’ made of elegant fabric BILLY DOG a soft bed in vivid colours EMMA PLUSH a plush cushion that’s exceptionally pleasant to t EMMA SOFIA beds extremely easy to keep clean EMMA MELANGE beds resistant to hairs sticking in EMMA REST puffy, lightweight beds with a double-sided cushio TEDDY round, plush beds with a removable mattress ARNOLD TEDDY SOFA incredibly soft ‘sofas’ with a thick layer of fill ARNOLD SOFA MELANGE large, comfortable, waterproof beds WOODY wooden brushes for dogs and cats SILLIC double-sided brushes made of flexible silicone GLOVIE a double-sided glove for coat/fur grooming TUNNEL a colourful tunnel with a ball WOBBLIX colourful wobbly toys CATCH ME a wind-up toy that encourages play WILMA a wide range of teaser wands ARNOLD PILLOW a comfortable cushion bed with thick filling ARNOLD PONTON MELANGE a comfortable bed with thick filling

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